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Lace It Up

Lace Oxford shoes

Lace is an unquestionably classic material, and it’s one of the most exciting aspects of our spring collection. Simultaneously demure and flirtatious, lace can give any outfit a serious “wow” factor.

Here are four ways Marcellas Reynolds recommends rocking the lacy look this year:

1. Tops

Lace is the perfect touch for tops, no matter how it’s used. Marcellas recommends our lace-knit twinset, pointing out that the pieces look as great together as they do apart. What makes this tank top and cardigan set so chic? The lace detailing overtop the shell fabric gives it that casually elegant look, perfect for everything from lounging around the house to heading out on a date. Lace details that lay directly against the skin are another great look for blouses: The skin peeking out underneath makes for a look that’s sexy and modest at the same time.

woman wearing a lace twin set top

2. Dresses

“Lace dresses are totally versatile.”

A dress covered in lace is basically the definition of femininity. There are few looks out there that complement your girly side quite like a lacy dress. In addition, it’s totally versatile – use accents, like jewelry and scarves, to dress it up or down. If you’re on your way to a night out, match a lace dress with a pair of sexy sling-back heels for that utterly put-together look. Heading to coffee with a friend? Toss on a jacket and slip on a pair of cute flats, and you’ll be good to go!

woman wearing a lace white dress

3. Shoes

Lacy shoes are a stylistic gold mine. This sweet and sexy fabric brings out a new side of nearly any heel, flat, wedge or boot. A lacy pair of oxford shoes or ballet slippers is cute peeking out beneath a pair of jeans. Lace can add an extra touch of class to a pair of heels or soften a strappy bootie. Looking to ramp up the look of your favorite little black dress? Pair it with some red lace heels for a saucy combination.

Lace Oxford shoes

4. Bags

Finally, lace is perfect for handbags, too. We particularly love lace paired along side metallic or rhinestone detailing. Stones or studs give a bag a glamorous look – set that next to lace, and you have a stunning balance of hard and soft, and edgy and classic. There are few combinations that capture all of the facets of your personality quite like lace alongside metals. Check out our lace bags today!

Crystal Lace Tote

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Published on Jan 18 2016

Last Updated on Jan 17 2016

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