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Extraordinary Women in Extraordinary Dresses

Hello to a few of the Midnight Velvet extraordinary customers wearing our extraordinary dresses! We love seeing our customers wearing our fashions.

Comment below expressing your delight in their extraordinary style! We love each one of them!!

Katherine K. from Plano, TX wearing the Gigi Dress & Midnight Orchid Dress

Katherine has been a customer for almost 10 years. She used to be a catalog model herself!

The Gigi Dress fit the body well. The black background made the flowers on the dress pop out.  This dress you could wear anywhere. I felt pretty in this dress.

The Midnight Orchid Dress was a dress to go out and dance.The beading detail made the dress sparkle. The black with the purple swirls made me feel sexy. This dress was made to have fun in.


Janet M. from Lithia Springs, GA  wearing our Clarice Sequin Cape Dress and the Mercedes Sequin Cape Dress

The Clarice Sequin Cape Dress is a perfect fit!!!  It’s as lovely as I expected! What makes this dress extraordinary is the actual look and feel of the dress.  The dress gave me a feeling of pure femininity. It wears and sways so easy as I walked by strangers, whose eyes were stunned with amazement. Oh, it’s so elegantly styled and designed. The sequin sheer border of the cape added a touch of class and makes it extraordinarily beautiful. The dress is a must-have for any special occasion such as a wedding or even a night on the town.

The Mercedes Sequin Cape Dress is such a lovely dress and it’s in a class all  by itself! It speaks womanly radiance in ever way! The soft material is light, fits perfectly and flows freely. The cape and sequins adds a touch of style and elegance. The perfect dress for a sunset dinner cruise or even an outdoor event such as a reception. The dress is classy, not to mention sassy too.


Rhonda D. wearing our Elegant Jacket Dress

I wore the Elegant Jacket Dress dress to my son’s wedding.  I loved wearing the dress and received  lots of compliments. Midnight Velvet has clothes that are appealing to the full figure woman.

A Midnight Velvet customer at an event, in a formal beige jacket dress with a full skirt and a crystal front clasp.

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Comments (25)

I like midnightvelvet products but don’t seem to fit me. I am a petite person andI think their clothes is made for taller women,so I always have to return and paid for return shipping.I don’t think I will be ordering any clothing anymore.

Thanks for this feedback Winnie! Hope you’ll still consider buying our shoes, accessories, home decor, etc. We may offer petites again someday! Thanks again.


I only have one complaint about your line of clothing and Monroe and Main your pants aren’t long enough you always have inseam 31 or 30, not to often 32’s please fix that. otherwise your clothing is perfect.

Wow all of these ladies look magical and magnificent, awe inspiring, thank you all for sharing your beauty with us!!!💕💕💕

Beautiful women! Just got you catalog in the mail, and I love your clothes! Can’t wait to make my first purchase!

Haven’t received my item as yet and this is my first time with this company so I do hope the quality of suit will live up to what I see in the picture. This is a very special occasion and really don’t have time to travel sine I live way up in the mountains of California.

Do you carry any of your dressier dresses in petite sizes?

Beautiful dresses on three lovely ladies!

I have shopping at Midnight Velvet for many many years. I love their clothes. I’m happy to see them here. They offer so many fine items.

Love the concept of real women not models, It makes it so nice to see how an item will look and fit someone that is over 20 and not built like a toothpick! All their women look wonderful!

Exactly! I didn’t agree with that whole concept even when I was in my 20’s. I always felt that every woman’s shape and height be represented in a fashion line! After all, no two women are the same yet we each have need for all types of clothing. Seems the industry didn’t get that for a long time. We’ve come along way but seems to me that in many respects we still have a ways to go.

I love all of my items recently bought from Midnight Velvet. I would highly recommend others to purchase items from you.


I have the dress Janet M is wearing. I ordered it to wear to my granddaughters wedding! I love it. I received so many compliments!

Hi Sharon,
Did you have any pics you could share with us? Email them to Thanks!

Katherine enjoyed both the Gigi and the Midnight Orchid dresses. I thought she looked terrific in both and am looking forward to showing her off at Arthurs. Eat your heart out, guys!


All three ladies are exquisitely dressed and it’s wonderful to see women close to my age, who want to dress up for that special occasion..

Here, here! My exact sentiments “Veronica!”

Beautiful and Amazing Women!

We definitely agree, Heidi!

All three are very nice, but the woman in the champagne dress is the BOMB. She looks tres’ chic and at the very top level of classy.

Yes Hilda
I love that gold outfit it beautiful
She looks elegant ready for the white gala
I would have like to have saw more shots
Everything is just right not over done
EXACTLY what i would buy for a very special evening or a formal affair.

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